Panhellenic Executive Board


President • Caeley McMillan

Hometown: Lynchburg, Virginia

Major: Communications

I am responsible for overseeing the Executive Board, consisting of nine other members, as well as running General Assembly for all seven of our Panhellenic chapters.  I have also been working on the Extension process and exploring the option of welcoming a new sorority to our University’s community!


Vice President • Kaeli DiCola

Hometown: Mays Landing, New Jersey

Major: Political Science and Criminology

I am responsible for running a Panhellenic Judicial Board as well as keeping each individual sorority up to date on the rules and regulations of Panhel and the school. I also ensure confidentiality in all Panhellenic matter sand help the President with their responsibilities when needed.


VP of Administration • Madeline Ellsworth 

Hometown: Saratoga Springs, New York

Major: Marketing

I am the secretary for Panhellenic and my responsibilities are to make the agenda for executive council meetings as well as taking the minutes for General Assembly.


VP of Finance • Victoria Thalassinos

Hometown: New Milford, Connecticut

Major: Accounting

I am in charge of monitoring and recording every transaction that the council performs so that I always know our exact expense and revenue amounts. I create budgets for each officer on the board and approve every purchase or reimbursement based on those budgets. My position, therefore, is utilized throughout every officer's position to help make sure everyone can get what they want to be successful. 


VP of Membership Operations • Breanne DiCesare

Hometown: Lakeland, Florida

Major: English

I run the logistics side of recruitment which means that I am in charge of booking the rooms for each individual sorority and making sure that everyone's schedules are correct so that recruitment can run as smoothly as possible.


VP of Membership Programming • Mina Victoria

Hometown: Edison, New Jersey

Major: Writing

I oversee the recruitment counselor training and selection process. I am also responsible for planning potential new member information sessions in the Fall semester. During recruitment I handle situations with potential new members who have questions about the process and assist them in finding their home.


VP of Community Engagement • Anna Gordon

Hometown: Pittsford, New York

Major: Communications

My responsibility is to engage the community through various different activities. These activities can range from speakers coming to campus to hosting sisterhood events in the Panhellenic community. I also inform the Panhellenic women about the activities on campus so everyone is aware of what is going on to become more involved.



VP of Scholarship • Maddie Roberts

Hometown: Haverhill, Massachusetts 

Major: Accounting

My duties are to plan the annual Panhellenic scholarship banquet, organize Panhellenic study hours, and implement positive programming to promote academic excellence within the Panhellenic community.


VP of Philanthropy & Service • Liz Ho Sing Loy-Keiler

Hometown: Bethlehem, New Hampshire

Major: History

I am in charge of planning Panhellenic signature events, planning service opportunities with local nonprofits for the Panhellenic community, and raising funds for the Circle of Sisterhood which is a nonprofit that focuses on empowering women around the world through education.




VP of Marketing • Daniella Meyers

Hometown: Commack, New York

Major: Sport Management

My responsibility is to promote our Panhellenic community through several different social media platforms. I am also in charge of running our website and promoting our Greek community. Additionally, I monitor social media for our recruitment counselors and design anything needed by the executive board/Panhellenic.