Panhellenic Executive Board


President • Elizabeth Ho-Sing-Loy

Hometown: Bethlehem, New Hampshire

Major: History

Minors: Art History and Law, Justice, and Advocacy

I am responsible for overseeing the Executive Board, consisting of six other members, as well as running General Assembly for all eight of our Panhellenic chapters. My goals as president include helping chapters focus on growth and helping our community focus on social justice issues and diversity/inclusion.


Executive Vice President • Tori Byrnes

Hometown: Hauppauge, New York

Major: Human Performance with a concentration in Exercise Physiology

I am responsible for running a Panhellenic Judicial Board as well as keeping each individual sorority up to date on the rules and regulations of Panhel and the school. I also ensure confidentiality in all Panhellenic matter sand help the President with their responsibilities when needed.


VP of Finance & Scholarship • Bayley McKeon 

Hometown: West Haven, Connecticut

Major: Marine Science and Biology

Minor: Education

I am in charge of monitoring and recording every transaction that the council makes so that I always know our exact expense and revenue amounts. I create budgets for each officer on the board and approve every purchase or reimbursement based on those budgets. I am also responsible for creating opportunities for Panhellenic women to excel in academics and for recognizing them when they reach academic goals. . 


VP of Community Outreach • Shannon Stine

Hometown: Medford, New Jersey

Major: Dance and Human Performance with a concentration in Exercise Physiology

I am in charge of creating advocacy events for our philanthropy, the Circle of Sisterhood, a non-profit that focuses on educating girls and women around the world to bring an end to poverty. I also have the pleasure of putting on Panhellenic sisterhood events for all of our members. Our goal is to promote membership of not just individual chapters, but also of the larger Panhellenic community.


VP of Recruitment • Madeline Ellsworth

Hometown: Saratoga Springs, New York

Major: Sports Management

I run the logistics side of recruitment which means that I am in charge of booking the rooms for each individual sorority and making sure that everyone's schedules are correct so that recruitment can run as smoothly as possible.


VP of Recruitment Counselors • Hope Renner

Hometown: Annapolis, Maryland

Major: Nursing

I oversee the recruitment counselor training and selection process. I am also responsible for planning potential new member information sessions in the Fall semester. During recruitment I handle situations with potential new members who have questions about the process and assist them in finding their home.


VP of Communications • Nicole Heligman

Hometown: Morganville, New Jersey

Major: Graphic Design

I am responsible for maintaining College Panhellenic’s social media accounts. I promote all Panhellenic, Fraternity & Sorority, and other University of Tampa events, while also sharing what amazing things our members are doing in the community!