The following questions are frequently asked in regards to the panhellenic community and recruitment. for any further questions, feel free to reach out to the executive board.

What does PNM mean?

PNM is an acronym which stands for Potential New Member. These are women interested in joining the Panhellenic community.

When is Fall Recruitment and what is the cost of registering?

Fall recruitment is September 13th through the 17th. The 13th and 14th will consist of Open House Round, the 15th is Philanthropy Day, the 16th is Preference and the 17th is Bid Day. Early registration is $45 and regular registration is $65.


When is orientation and what is it?

Orientation is September 11th and 12th and it provides potential new members the opportunity to learn what will be happening at recruitment and meet their recruitment counselors.

What do I wear to recruitment?

Post-registering your recruitment counselors will be able to assist you in what to wear for each day! Open House Round has a shirt provided and the days get dressier throughout the recruitment process.

Does everyone get a bid at the end of recruitment?

Due to several different circumstances, everyone will not be able to receive a bid at the end of recruitment. However, this should not differ anyone from going through the process and keeping an open mind. 

What is the new member process like?

Every organization has their own new member process tailored to their particular organization. This process consists of learning of the organization and getting to know new sisters!

Is there any hazing involved in the new member process?

Hazing is completely not tolerated at The University of Tampa and will result in several consequences. As well, hazing is a felony in the state of Florida and will not occur in our Panhellenic community.

How hard is it to balance sorority life and academics?

While joining a sorority is a big commitment, organizations has particular academic guidelines and plans to help make the balance a lot easier to handle.

How much does it cost to be in a sorority?

Each sorority's dues vary and can be asked at a tabling event, orientation, or during recruitment!

What if I only want to be in a particular sorority?

The Panhellenic community encourages women to go through the process with an open mind. By only having one particular sorority in mind, it can ruin one's recruitment process and cause unnecessary disappointment. Joining a sorority is more than just a stereotype and by opening up to the women in each chapter, a new member will be able to feel comfortable in the home they were meant to be in.

What if I have class during recruitment?

The only day that might overlap with classes is the first day of Open House Round. This logistic problem can easily be fixed by talking to your recruitment counselor and will not tarnish your chances with any sorority during recruitment.

What is a 'values-based' recruitment?

Values-based recruitment means that we as a council put first the value and beliefs of each organization throughout the recruitment process. This means our recruitment process is about being able to know the women in each room and not the frills.