A letter from our President;

Welcome to The University of Tampa’s Panhellenic Council!  My name is Elizabeth Ho-Sing-Loy, and I am the current College Panhellenic Association President. On behalf of our 8 chapters and the Panhellenic Executive Board, I personally want to say thank you for expressing interest in our Panhellenic Community!

When I first joined the Panhellenic community I had no clue how impactful of an experience it would be for me. By joining this sisterhood, I’ve been presented with valuable leadership opportunities and have been able to develop meaningful relationships with new friends and other members of the UTampa community. These relationships motivate me and the rest of the Panhellenic executive board to continue to strive for growth in our community.

This year, we are taking an initiative to focus on Panhellenic’s involvement with advocacy work. We hope to help our 8 chapters become more aware on how they can do more with their philanthropic initiatives and how to champion for the diverse identities that make up our membership.

The Panhellenic Community is unified and committed to leadership development, academic success, personal and professional growth, and women’s empowerment.   Not only are our women from across the globe, they are supportive, caring, and strong, which creates a diverse community with a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. On behalf of our 900+ women, we are so happy you have found us and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

Go Girls. Go Panhel.